Words won’t come.  I can’t resolve the fraying ends into a seamless whole.  I don’t even have what could be called a whole anymore.   The tapestry is rent asunder.   Asunder.  That’s a good word.   Why is it so much easier to be eloquent when talking about writing, instead of doing so?  Why.... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on Friendship

It never ceases to amaze me how effortless some friendships are.  Years can go by, but as soon as you're together again it's like no time at all. I see a lot of best friend posts that talk about talking every day, no matter the distance, or having four hour phone conversations every week. That's... Continue Reading →

I have a question for you.  How do you picture Aife and her friends?

A Pirate’s Life for Me

Darius was a cabin boy aboard the Flying Dragon, and he hated it.  Nothing about his job resembled the stories of pirate life he'd been raised on.  He'd never even witnessed a sky battle, though there had been several tussles over rations. Darius blew his hair out of his eyes, scowling down at the half-scrubbed... Continue Reading →


I never thought my life was unusual.  I grew up surrounded by other kids with similar life experiences, and none of us knew there was anything different about the way we lived.  We never imagined that TV was supposed to depict “real life”.   We all moved frequently, and most of us were taught at... Continue Reading →


Sometimes you should dress like you're not from this reality. Wear goggles as a headband. Rock that gypsy skirt and scarves. Wear combat boots with a sundress. Braid your hair like an elf. Create a story with your wardrobe. Become a character in a story yet to be told.

Vlog: We Might be Crazy

So, true to our adventurous blood, my little sister has abandoned me for the summer to go work the cherry harvest in Oregon.  I thought I'd share a small sampling of the kinds of conversations I can't have with her until August, as well as show you I'm not alone in my zaniness.   If... Continue Reading →

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