Lakeside Ruminations

What is it about large bodies of water? Why do they draw us, promising freedom? Is it the over abundance of pirate stories?  Tales of young men and women gone off to sea? Is it the call of the water birds, untamed despite human progress? Or is it that, no matter what we do, how... Continue Reading →



Most of the time, I don't have a specific destination when I start writing. I ask myself the questions that buzz around my skull, half-formed and nebulous, and never really find the answers. Well, not never. Sometimes I find a peaceful stop, a resolution that puts the rabbits to rest. Other times, I chase the... Continue Reading →


It's strange how easy it is to get attached to people who aren't real. Is it because the human race is far lonelier now than it ever has been? We don't have our large family/village groups anymore, so we bond to any personality we can. Or maybe it's nothing so depressing. Maybe some people are... Continue Reading →

Creativity vs. Innovation

So, this is on my calendar for March. I'm not sure what I think about this. Sometimes, the pressure to innovate, to do something no one has ever seen before, stifles creativity. You get so focused on doing something NEW, you lose why you're creating in the first place. Or, you're so focused on "no... Continue Reading →

Night Driving

I love night driving.   Not the kind of driving where you're surrounded by other drivers, all of you trying to get somewhere in the harshly illuminated city. The kind of driving that takes you through a mist shrouded forest, not another car in sight. Driving through a small town at 3 am, not another... Continue Reading →

Musical Minds

Do you ever start writing something, only to realize that it's just the song in your head? Its not an intentional thing. Most of the time you have other things you want to say. But your phrasing sounds familiar, and then it becomes lyrical. I wonder how much of my conscious thought is just working... Continue Reading →

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