Technology Is Scary

Don’t let my 20-something exterior fool you. Inside, I’m from a different century.  I’ve usually been about three steps behind my mother when it comes to the big new thing.  She started texting about a year before I did.  I’m still about a step above a flip phone; she just got a smart phone.  I was NOT that annoying thirteen-year-old showing up the adults with her computer skills.unix-jurassic-parkYeah, that one.  The one that made you cheer for the raptors.

Setting up this blog was a feat of nightmare proportions. I have no idea what I’m doing half the time I access the interwebs. My ability to make machines bend to my will is mostly due to the fact that I just keep pushing buttons until one of them does what I want.i-have-no-idea-what-im-doing-dogGranted, my willingness to just keep pushing buttons has allowed me to maintain the ruse.  Through trial and error, I have become reasonably (3)But technology is still scary.  Presented with a new online platform or handheld device, this is my immediate reaction:download (1) internally, of course.  It’s dangerous to let them know you’re afraid.images (3)

All this to say, I’m still figuring this whole “blogging” thing out.  I’ve already learned a lot (Google is a beautiful thing) but there’s still loads to learn (gifs=SORCERY).  Maybe someday I will master the world of electronics.  For now, I’ll just keep faking (5)


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