Empowering Shackles

You say the world is my oyster,
but I don’t care for pearls.
You say I can be anything,
as if those words didn’t cripple me.
“Go out and seize the day!” you say,
as you bind my hands with expectations.
You say what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger,
as I buckle under the weight of the sky.
“Shoot for the stars!” you say,
when I can barely see the sun.
You say I have the power to change the world,
but what if I make it worse?

So I’ll sit back and watch,
fulfilling my role.
Because I’ve never been an Earthshaker,
risk taker,
king maker,
dragon slayer.
I’m a music maker,
dream follower,
I tread softly over this our world,
content to leave no marks of my passing.
Like a shadow I flit from place to place,
watching, always watching.

One day I will find a purpose,
a time and place I would leave a mark,
and know that it would not scar.
Perhaps I will change the world,
make it a better, happier place.
But such a change won’t come with quakings,
or a thunderous roar.
This change will come in a whisper,
and pass as a breeze through the woods.


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