The Land of Tomorrow

I wrote this poem for my nephew, when I was supposed to be taking notes in a history class. (Whoops.)

This is the tale of a Land called Tomorrow,
and the people that live therein.
An odd race are they ,and strangers to sorrow,
they live on our wishes and dreams

In the Land of Tomorrow, all bruises are healed,
and sickness comes only on school days.
But even that sickness brings joy to the world,
resulting in warm soup and cuddles

In the Land of Tomorrow the postman refuses
to walk down the street with a scowl.
The fisherman sings, and Mormor she chooses
another fun story to read

In the Land of Tomorrow all weather is fine,
with no blizzards, tornadoes, or hail.
The rain is for puddles, the snow just for angels,
the moon never sickly nor pale

Oft have I desired to reach this strange land,
where promises always come true,
but sadly I’m stuck in the Land of Today,
and the rent here is just about due

The golden light of Sunset lasts forever in Tomorrow,
the clouds ever orange and pink.
But in the Land of Tomorrow there are cities of Moonlight,
where I long just to sit and to think.

The Land of Tomorrow draws close in my dreams,
and when you in my arms I am holding.
That land still exists in the young buds of flowers,
in sunlight that plays on a stream
I hope that for you Today has not its claws in,
to end all your youth and your smiles.
For you still Tomorrow fills up all creation,
small feet can still walk upon clouds


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