Why You Might be Wrong about Hufflepuffs

So there’s a post that’s been brewing for a while.  One that grows every time I have a conversation about Harry Potter, or the Hogwarts Houses.  Or characters that get placed in the wrong ones.tumblr_mb2yfbIh4K1qh08ggo1_500

A post about why Hufflepuff is actually the best house, and not just because we live next to the kitchen.images (21)

Now, I’m the kind of Hufflepuff everyone thinks belongs in a different house.images (23)

This is because of the false perception that Hufflepuffs are the kind of people who are afraid of ghosts. And sheets with holes in them.  AND regular sheets.download (6)

But we’re not.

Hufflepuffs are the kind of people who will stop at nothing, I repeat, nothing to protect the ones they love.  Not Gryffendors.  Not Slytherins.  Not Ravenclaws.


Everyone seems to think that Gryffendor is the house known for its loyalty.


Gryffendors are known for their bravery.  Which is why we so often find them annoyingly brash.images (22)

The idea for this post got cemented into my brain one day when an impulse click on Netflix led me to the show Prison Break.  It was on air from 2005 to 2009, so I was a little late to the bandwagon.  But I fell in love with the show.  Because I realized what it was about.  It wasn’t just about a genius trying to save his brother’s life.

It was about a Hufflepuff refusing to stand by and watch his brother get hurt.

Now, you may argue that Michael Scoffield is a Ravenclaw, or even a Slytherin.  As I said before, he’s a genius.  Not only did he figure out how to break out of maximum security prison, he had back up plans and an escape route planned.  All encoded into a tattoo covering his arms and torso.  He also knew exactly who to manipulate, and how to manipulate them to get what he wanted.  He went as far as marrying a Russian stripper so she would help him with the escape in exchange for her green card.Screenshot 2016-05-01 at 01.27.45Screenshot 2016-05-01 at 01.25.36.png

But those skills aren’t where he lives.

The core, driving force of Michael Scoffield is loyalty.  He threw his entire life away and got himself sent to prison so his brother wouldn’t be executed for a crime he didn’t commit.  He becomes such good friends with his cellmate, their cooperation far outlasts the initial escape. He refuses to leave anyone he loves behind.  And when he loses someone he cares about, he makes sure the ones responsible pay.  Then he goes after the people who tried to bury his brother.

Because nothing is better than having a Hufflepuff as your best friend, but nothing is scarier than a Hufflepuff who has been betrayed.images (19)

This doesn’t apply to just one show, though.  I have seen fandom posts sorting all sorts of characters into the Harry Potter houses.  Some of them, like this Doctor Who one, are very very right.dwhogwarts

Rory Williams is just about the most Huffle Hufflepuff to ever puff.  And not just when he’s being adorkable with his jumpers and asking the important questions like how to not get killed by alien robots.  Rory is at his Hufflepuffiest when he’s tearing through galactic armadas to save his wife, all while dressed as a Roman centurion.images (20)

Others, like this Supernatural one, are WRONG.images (18)

Castiel is not a Hufflepuff.   Castiel is about the farthest thing from a Hufflepuff.  NOBODY HAS BETRAYED MORE PEOPLE ON THIS SHOW THAN CASTIEL.  Except maybe Crowley. But we expect it from him.  Castiel is a Griffendor, because he is brave enough to stand against anyone and everyone for the sake of what he thinks is right.  Sometimes he’s dead wrong, but that doesn’t change the intentions.

Dean is the true Hufflepuff of the group.  Because every single move he makes is to protect the ones he loves. To protect Sam. Castiel.  Charlie. Ben and Lisa.  Benny.  Bobby.  The list goes on and on.  Nothing is more important to Dean than knowing that whoever he has left is safe.  Often that leads to stupid decisions, like selling his soul and accidentally causing the apocalypse, but it’s always for the same reason.  Protecting his family.

The list of absolutely wonderful Hufflepuffs could probably go on forever.  Lucy Pevensie.  Samwise Gamgee.  Percy Jackson. Zoe and Wash. Peeta Mellark.  Foggy Nelson.  Merlin(the BBC one, not the one that is SUPPOSEDLY Slytherin).  Captain America(I’ve seen some pretty compelling debate on this one, but I just can’t put him in a different house.  Not after he jumped on that grenade to save people HE DIDN’T EVEN LIKE).  BUCKY. FREAKING. BARNES.

(Don’t even try to start that argument.  Brainwashing can trump any personality trait, no matter how strong.  And in case you didn’t notice, even a brainwashed Bucky knew that Steve Rogers wasn’t someone he should kill.)

When you really start to think about it, any character that has made you love them because of their willingness to put other people’s lives and happiness first is a Hufflepuff.  There’s a little Hufflepuff hiding inside every Slytherin, every Ravenclaw, and every Griffendor.  It’s what makes Sam just as willing as Dean to die for his brother.  What keeps the Avengers from self-destructing(well, self-destructing more).  What makes Katniss volunteer for Prim, and sing for Rue. What keeps Serenity flying. It’s why Han came back to help Luke.  Why Spock and Kirk stay best friends, and Bones refrains from killing them both.  Why Daryl and Mishone stay with the group.

In the end, we’re all Hufflepuffs for someone.images (1)


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