Driving Through Flyover Country

There’s something really special about roadtrips.  328763_2355253273053_46472302_o

Jumping in the car with a suitcase and a cooler, and driving off, away from routine and familiar landmarks.  Letting the day determine destinations.561063_377452742324231_1721622863_n

Stopping at little museums and historical sites just because you can.  Taking a hike to an out of the way overlook for nothing but the view and the chance to stretch your legs.304155_2578899190814_1672901751_n

Seeing how many different license plates you can spot.  Finding the random radio show playing nothing but Celtic music for an hour.

Stopping at Amish stores and buying thirty jars of pickles and apple butter, because what you can find at normal stores doesn’t compare.

Watching storms move along the horizon as you drive through a desert.  Feeling the eerie sadness of ghost towns.  Stopping in the middle of a corn field at 1 am to watch the international space station go by.  418683_377453165657522_1089146548_n

Thinking of the various people you know in the towns and cities you drive through.  Stopping and surprising some of those people.

Watching the sun rise and set from behind the wheel.  The desolation of the interstate at 3 in the morning.  Learning the unique look and feel of the states you drive through.  The anticipation of friends and a bed at the end of the road.

Seeing places you would never see otherwise.134520_115050281897813_4795473_o

Because travelling isn’t about the destination.10986708_820826914677664_518648786106649750_n


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