How to Avoid (Some of)My Travel Mishaps

So I was sitting on the couch with my little sister, who recently got home from a backpacking trip in Spain (I know, I’m jealous too) and somehow we got on the topic of our travel mishaps, of which there have been plentiful.  And my sister said that I should write a blog post with travel tips no one thinks to tell you.  I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I know you’ve probably read a dozen travel tips blog posts, so I’ll try to keep this brief.

  • Always. ALWAYS. Always pack at least one change of clothes and your deodorant in your carry-on.  Even if it’s just a bus trip.
    •  I’m sure you’ve heard this one about a dozen times, and probably dismissed it.  I know I used to.  But I had a bus take off before I could get my suitcase once in Ireland and I was stuck with the clothes in my backpack until the next evening.
  • This one is for the ladies.  wear a bra sans underwire if you’re flying anywhere.
    •  Usually metal detectors don’t pick it up, but the most uncomfortable pat-down of my life happened because of an oversensitive metal detector and my need for support.
  • Pack clothes you’d be willing to leave.  This applies especially for people taking long trips abroad.
    • You will acquire things.
    • You will not have the space for all the things plus everything you brought.  Better some shirts you bought at Goodwill end up in a British charity shop than the memory enriched souvenirs that suddenly fill half your suitcase.
  • Store everything you will only need for travelling in one easy-to-get-to spot.
    • Don’t make that spot your suitcase unless you are a full-time gypsy like my friend Glo over at The Blog Abroad (She’s an actual travel blogger, unlike yours truly, and is probably the closest I will come to knowing a celebrity).  If such is the case, you probably already know everything I might have to say on the subject of travelling and should go check out Glo’s blog or my writing rants instead.
    • Somehow I didn’t learn this until like three days ago, when I found an item I’d been hunting for before my Ireland trip and put it in a box with my passport and power converters and leftover Euros.
    • You might lose track of everything else in your life, but if you’re anything like me you always know exactly where your passport is.  keeping forgettable things with your magical key to freedom will make your life simpler when preparing for a trip and save your room/apartment/house from the tornado treatment.

I’m sure I could add to this list, just like I’m sure you have travel tips of your own.  If you do, share them below!  For more tips, you could click here, or even here, or just go visit Glo’s blog that I mention above, especially if you enjoy sass and sarcasm with valuable advice and opinions on the side.


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