I Wish I Could Do More

I have trouble sharing my feelings on social/political issues online. So much of what I usually see in this department is usually divisive, and causes more problems than it solves.  Secondly, I need to act when it comes to tragedy, even if that action is just being a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on. Words fail me when it comes to issues that need to be addressed directly, like the senseless violence that has defined the year 2016.
But I can’t stay quiet after this week.
It’s horrifying that such a large portion of our population is having their mistrust of police justified again and again.
I have never experienced that fear. I have plenty of other fears, mostly stemming from facts that I have no real power to change. Fear of assault from a man who hasn’t gotten the message that men and women are equally deserving of respect. Fear that this democratic experiment that has been pulling apart at the seams since the beginning will completely unravel. Fear that the wars will never stop. But I’ve never had to fear a uniform.
I can’t imagine how powerless the African American community feels in times like this. If I feel like I’m simply shouting into the wind, do they feel like they even have voices?
It’s terrible that the actions of the few on both sides lead to false justifications of brutality, and blanket statements that make us more and more divided and trigger happy.
If we have made the strides people claim, how are we still struggling with concepts a toddler could grasp? Racists aren’t born. They are created by society.
I heard a lyric while my sister was playing with the radio yesterday.
“Just because we check our guns at the door doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades.”
Every time tragedy strikes in this country, people pull out their respective soap boxes, blaming this or that policy or practice. While change in policy can help, it’s mostly a bandaid where we need reconstructive surgery.
Laws and policies won’t change how people think. Only people can do that.
But until we learn to see a person before we see a skin color or a uniform, we’ll have to apply bigger bandaids.
I have no real answers here. All I have is the desire to offer comfort to those who need it.


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