Things That Happen When You’re a Confirmed Nightowl

Your family/friends suspect that you might be a vampire.images (33)

Drinking black tea at 10 pm no longer makes you question your life choices.

Going to bed at or before midnight makes people wonder if you’re sick.

You learn the exact time that birds start singing in the morning.

download (12)

Your overseas friends never have to worry about the time difference, because you’re always awake when they are.

You become the go-to person when your friends start questioning life choices/making major decisions in the middle of the night.

None of your friends are awake when you make major decisions so there’s no one to keep you from planning solo trips around the world at three in the morning.

You have trouble remembering when you last ate, and whether a sufficient amount of time has passed for you to have a meal or if you should just go for a snack.

People start assuming you just haven’t gone to bed yet if you’re up early in the morning.

Those people are usually right.images (34)

You start to understand (11)

Your self-control is developed to Herculean(that’s a laugh.  Does anyone in Greek/Roman mythology have self-control?) proportions because playing the piano or going on a cleaning spree at four in the morning is only acceptable if you live alone.

You find yourself asking Google questions like, “did anyone in Greek mythology have self-control?” at four in the morning because now you really want to know the answer to a rhetorical question you asked in a blog post.  Now you know the answer is yes, and that person was Hippolytus and Euripides wrote two plays about him but you can only read one because the other was lost to the sands of (14)

The 24-hour clock is your best friend because nothing is more disorienting than taking a longer nap than expected and having no idea which six o’clock it (13)

Your whole grasp on time and which day of the week it is is tenuous at best.

download (12)

Some of your best work happens between the hours of midnight and five in the morning.

You have perfected the art of staying awake all day after a sleepless night and hiding that fact from the people around you.images (30)

Sometimes the mask slips and people wonder if you’re a zombie.images (28)

You become an expert at killing any bugs that invade your fortress of solitude because waking someone up to do it for you will result in retribution.legolas1-1

You can sleep just about anywhere, through just about anything.images (31)

Somehow you’ve taught your brain/body that your alarm is not one of the things it can sleep through.

You still set about three alarms just in case.

You know the exact value of time spent asleep.images (32)

You have shortened your morning routine to the time it takes to boil water and brew a cup of tea.

People who want to have in-depth conversations in the morning are the bane of your existence.tumblr_m2hgf1pU3i1qcwhkeo1_400

You have seriously considered getting a night job so you have an excuse for sleeping all day.

A bookstore that’s open 24 hours a day might be part of your retirement plan if adulthood hasn’t made you sleep like a normal person yet.barter-books-places-to-shop-books-magazines-large



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