Can someone please tell me when and where Americans, or just people in general, got the idea that fairies are good?

Fairies in folk tales do not abide by human morals.  They have no concept of mortality.  I seriously doubt they have any emotion, or that pain is a thing people can feel.  The same fairy that helps a cobbler make shoes will come back the next night and steal his children.  A fairy trying to fix the love problems of one set of humans will turn another human’s head into that of a donkey then enchant his wife to fall madly in love with the poor creature.  All just for funsies.

Is it Disney’s fault?  Have we been watering down fairy tales for so long we don’t remember how scary they are?

Yes, fairies will help you get to the ball so you can escape your psycho family.

Yes, fairies will steal you from your cradle.

Yes, fairies will help you out of whatever predicament you’ve gotten yourself into.

Yes, fairies will expect you to hand over your first born child as repayment.

Is this really new information?  Is the sanitizing of fairy tales why people now read Peter Pan and think he’s evil?  Because nah.

Peter Pan is not evil.  He’s just more fairy than human.

And yes, this mini-rant may have been born out of a long simmering anger that Once Upon a Time decided that a symbol of childhood, REAL, ACTUAL CHILDHOOD, was evil.  What about someone truly evil, like whoever the heck decided to enchant a pair of shoes that would never stop dancing once someone put them on then LEFT THEM OUT WHERE ANYONE COULD FIND THEM?


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