Embrace the Cheese

There’s a lot of cheesiness in entertainment.  A lot of the cheese occurs within a certain genre.


What could be cheesier than an alien who grew up in Kansas whooshing around, saving the world, while everyone who works with him at the newspaper has no idea that the mild mannered journalist and the man of steel are one and the same person?

It was totally the glasses.  They completely change his face.

Perhaps someone who got struck by lightning and can now run faster than the speed of light and uses this ability to fight off people who can control the weather, or turn themselves into poison gas.

He also fought a giant telepathic gorilla one time.  Don’t worry about it.

Or a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist who has a near-death experience, stops manufacturing(well, selling) weapons, and starts to fly around in a high tech suit of armor blowing up bad guys.  He also created a murderbot with the help of his scientist friend who occasionally turns into a giant green rage monster.download-8

I could go on.  And on and on and on.  But I’m pretty sure you get the point.  All superheroes have an element of cheese.

So why are some superhero movies and tv shows so much better than others?

A little concept I like to call “embracing the cheese”.

It’s impossible to avoid cheese when superheroes are involved.  It is possible, however, for that cheese to add to the storytelling, rather than detract from it.

You can take the story way too seriously and end up with a disaster like the latest Fantastic Four movie.

Or you can embrace the cheese, let the characters acknowledge the ridiculousness of their lives, and end up with the beauty that was Ant-Man, aka the movie that was way better than it had any right to be.9e9405ab8c85b58b6b537a27d84362af

Ignoring the cheese makes it cheese whiz.  Embracing it turns it into Parmesan or Asiago.



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