Signs That Books Have Changed Your Life

People say it all the time.

“That book changed my life!”

But how often is that really the case?  I know I’ve read books that change the way I see the world pretty dramatically for a few days, but the fervor wears off after a time.

Most people don’t recognize the books that truly changed their lives.  It’s something you have to think about to realize.

Because the books that changed your life didn’t do so all at once.  They do it slowly, in the small things.

If you can relate to any of these, congratulations!  Books have truly changed your life.

  • You consider wandering through an old graveyard a pleasant afternoon.

This is a trait peculiar to Anne of Green Gables fans, along with calling people your bosom friends, and the strong desire to name every house you live in.

  • You feel a  strong emotional attachment to Peregrine falcons.

And if you ever own one, you will name it Frightful.

  • You feel the need to test the gates of every walled garden you pass.

You never know when you’ll find your own secret garden.  Not to mention the Yorkshire lad and wheelchair bound invalid that comes with it.

  • Every wardrobe is magical, and every painting of a ship might sweep you out to sea.

Narnia may have ended, but there were a lot of other pools in that wood between the worlds!

  • Phrases from your favorite characters have crept into your everyday language.

“Crunchings and munchings” and “woe and sadness!” come out of my mouth more often than if I was actually Gurgi.  My friends would probably be terrified by how often my inner voice is Smeagol.  You get the picture.

  • Your writing habits are a strange conglomeration of your favorite characters and authors.

I often wish I had an attic like Jo, and make story notes on schoolwork like Tolkien.

  • Over half of your survival skills were gleaned from novels like My Side of the Mountain and The Hunger Games.

And you are more prepared than your non bookish friends.

  • Mitochondria is so much more than the powerhouse of the cell.

And a tesseract is not just a glowing blue cube a bunch of superheros fight over.

  • You have strangely detailed knowledge of mythological characters.

Down to their favorite type of pop and celebrity crush.

  • You are able to point to a Dr. Suess book that addresses any particular issue.

From racism, to conservation, to nuclear policy, Ted Geisel has it all!

  • You have really mixed feelings about spiders and pigs.

Because on the one hand, you have Charlotte and Wilbur.  On the other, Shelob and Napoleon.

  • You have ever felt an immediate kinship with someone because they quote a book you love in casual conversation.

And everyone else is confused that the two of you suddenly started speaking in code despite having just met.


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