Why Are We Celebrating??

Holidays can be so strange.

Like, some I get.  Independence Day.  Mother’s and Father’s Day.  Veteran’s Day.

But then we have those holidays that just make no sense.

We commemorate the day St. Valentine was executed for performing marriages after they were outlawed by Claudius Gothicus by giving each other dorky pink and red cards and chocolate and roses.

St. Patrick’s Day as it exists now started as a way for Irish immigrants to hold on to their heritage, and is now used as an excuse to get black-out drunk and kiss people.

Cinco de Mayo is, as far as I can tell, a completely made up holiday.  Mexican Independence Day is September 16.  Americans just wanted another day to get drunk I guess.

Despite their reputation as extremely polite people, one of England’s greatest holidays is November 5, Guy Fawkes Day.  Because nothing says Great Britain like setting a dummy on fire and shooting off fireworks.

All Hallow’s Eve was a day that people legitimately feared being abducted by spirits as they walked the earth.  So our medieval counterparts wore masks so spirits wouldn’t know who they were(because apparently that makes a difference), and put jack o’lanterns in their windows so demons couldn’t enter.  Now we give out candy to little kids dressed as superheroes and Disney characters.

Don’t even ask me why Groundhog Day is a thing.  No one knows.



2 thoughts on “Why Are We Celebrating??

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    1. Yes, something did happen on the fifth of May in Mexican history. But it was not a something that seems to justify how it gets celebrated, especially since the French came back seven days later and crushed them. The comparison that happens in my head is if Canada celebrated an “America Day” on June 17 because american troops made the Brits pay dearly for their victory.


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