Literally Just a Random Assortment of Historical Musings

Sometimes I ponder historical events, and wonder how in the world they ever happened.

For example:

How the crap did an island nation that didn’t technically fill the island manage to conquer invade colonize two-thirds of the planet?  Were they really that much better at building boats than everyone else?  Was it the unique mixture of Roman and Viking blood?  Was it revenge for how often they were invaded even before the Normans came along?  Or were they scared that those crazy hairy Scotsmen would eventually overrun the island and the Brits wanted plenty of places to hide?  Cause I’d be scared of a people the Roman army decided to pretend didn’t exist on the other side of a big wall.


How did a nomadic tribe of pony riders manage to conquer THAT MUCH of the world before China realized a wall would be a good idea?


How did Japan as a global super power even happen?  Why did China need rescuing from that?  Is there a weird phobia about island nations now?  Did the British Empire really scar them that much?  Is New Zealand next?  Jamaica?  What island is going to try and take over the earth next?


Why are there even countries that are only considered countries by SOME of the world?  If we really are over the whole imperialism thing, why does China insist that Taiwan is just China?  What’s even happening there?  Same with all those random formerly Russian countries.


Wow, the United States didn’t really go through an empire-building phase, they just assumed the rest of the world would operate better under a similar government, and staged revolutions EVERYWHERE.  Except Puerto Rico and American Samoa.  Apparently those are just going to be territories forever.


What even happened to the Mayans?  Like, we can blame the Spanish for the Aztecs, and Europeans for Africa, but the Mayans just…..stopped.  That aliens theory might not be so crazy, since there’s literally no other explanation.

And finally:

How did Australia manage to lose a war against emus and not lose all their credit as a nation?


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