I Give In

The sister who is oft quoted in my posts has joined the Dark Side, i.e. started a blog. She is a fantastic writer, and we speak the same crazy language. Enjoy!


I have decided to cave to peer pressure. I have decided it is time to do what everyone else has been doing for years. I have decided to add my small voice to the millions of voices floating around the stratosphere.

I have decided to start a blog.

Why now? It’s a good question. I mean, as far as questions go, it could be better. It could be, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

There is a reason why right now. It’s not just because I like the idea of designing a blog. It’s not just so I can add another thing to my ‘never-do to-do’ list. It’s not just because I finally have a blog name I’m okay with. And yes, I am aware it is a pun and it completely doesn’t specify what the blog is about. That’s sort of the point.

It’s because…

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