Reality Distortion

Airports are weird.  You’re neither one place, nor the other.

Because of airports, we set foot on foreign soil before we technically arrive in foreign countries.  Airports might be the closest this world comes to neutral territory anymore.

No one is at home when they are at an airport.  And yet, spend enough time in them, and every airport will start to feel a little homey.

Time seems meaningless, as the outside world moves on, oblivious to flight delays and never-ending security lines.  Except the poor person waiting to pick up a passenger held up in customs.

3 AM in an airport is the closest I’ve come to witnessing a zombie apocalypse.  Airports are the only place where it is internationally acceptable to fall asleep in public.

Everyone is brought to the same level at an airport, despite priority seating and first class lounges.  We are all bound to the will of the TSA, and the weather.  We all take our shoes off.  We all trust our lives to a means of transportation few of us really understand.

Airports are the lost-and-founds of the universe.


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