Drowning in Creative Intentions

Do you ever feel the need to create, but don’t know what?

Like, there are so many ideas buzzing around your head, you can’t focus on any of them.  You’re in the middle of three projects already, but you’re stuck wishing you could make a video about the last six books you’ve read.  You can’t get more than a few lines out on a blog post before you get distracted by edit work.

I think of this as reverse writer’s block.  Instead of staring at a blinking cursor at the end of a paragraph, desperately clawing for the next words, you find yourself jumping from project to project, never writing more than a few lines, then falling down the rabbit hole of Youtube and discovering that you really really want the skills to build your own Tesla coil or how much you miss horseback riding.  But you can’t enjoy anything, because you need to create something.

Certain books can chase it away for awhile.  Netflix fails entirely to suck you in and warp time.

I’ve been caught in this state for the last few days, and I’m not sure how to break it.

Then I remembered the very first blog post I wrote.  It was about writer’s block, and my strategies for beating, i.e., ignoring it.

So I figured, hey, it’s worth a shot.

I’ll just write whatever random bits come out.  Some of these might turn into something bigger later.  Some may never be spoken of again.

But breaking the silence is always the first step of creativity.

I find it strangely cathartic to admit shortcomings and struggles to the internet.  I’m probably not the only one who feels like this, since blogs and vlogs make up a large portion of web content.

I watch just enough British tv/movies/youtubers to confuse my dialect and get myself accused of being pretentious.

I also use big words habitually, with similar results.  It’s not my fault I’ve spent more time reading books than talking to people!  Not to mention the fact that I spent a fair deal of my childhood modeling myself after a certain red-haired orphan who also used big words.

Once my thoughts got stuck in Elizabethan English when I was trying to write a linguistics paper in university.

It also doesn’t help that literally half my conversational skills are rooted in quotes, song lyrics, and mad pun game.

The other half is sarcasm, snarky comments, and random bits of historical trivia.

I get seriously freaked out by characters/ stories flirting with the fourth wall.  If the fourth wall has been smashed to bits, I’m fine.  If it’s solid, I’m fine. But subtle jabs at the fourth wall really get to me for some reason.

I own a frankly embarrassing number of mugs.  I am the only one who uses these mugs.  If I so desired, I could have a designated mug for each variety of tea in my rather extensive tea stash.

I also have a rather large number of scarves.  I see no problem with this, and plan to acquire more.


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