How Far I’ve Come

Two years ago, I decided to start a blog.

It was a spur of the moment decision, born of the need to write and zero inspiration for the writing projects that already existed.

Back then, I thought the blog would be about books and wanderlust, with a smattering of writing posts.

Clearly that didn’t last long.

I’m not sure if I’ve learned much about blogging since then.

I neglect my blog for months at a time.

I go through periods where I post once or twice a week.

For every ten posts I write, I get one that seems to resonate more than the others.

I know how to create a post, yes, and I play with my theme every now and then.  The longer I have this blog, the more topics it has.  Sometimes I wonder just how many of my readers are my relatives.

But I have learned a lot since starting this blog.

I learned that I will be ok adventuring alone.

I learned about my personal traveling style.

I learned not to give up on a writing project, and that a little time away can make a story better.

I learned that sometimes characters don’t need an entire book.  They just need to be introduced to the world.

I’ve taught myself basic audio and video editing.

I look at the world differently since I started blogging.  Every experience adds to my stock of stories.  I’m more intentional when forming opinions.  I wonder how much of my personal experiences and reactions are universal.

Here’s to another year stumbling along.



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