Calendar Confusion

I tell the story of how historical children's literature and calendar reforms have conspired to keep me confused for most of my life.


Vlog: We Might be Crazy

So, true to our adventurous blood, my little sister has abandoned me for the summer to go work the cherry harvest in Oregon.  I thought I'd share a small sampling of the kinds of conversations I can't have with her until August, as well as show you I'm not alone in my zaniness.   If... Continue Reading →

Reasons I Fail As a Blogger

I'm fairly certain I'm not doing this whole "blogging" thing right. I can't stick to a topic, I mess with the name without considering the ramifications, and can't figure out how I made some things happen, because they happened on accident while I was clicking EVERYTHING. Here are a few of the reasons I'm pretty... Continue Reading →

Synaptic Lapses

Sometimes my life is a literal comedy of errors.  Sometimes this is my fault, sometimes it's someone else's, and sometimes it's just the universe laughing at me. Now I've put that out there, let me tell you about my recent travels. Apparently, absent-mindedness is genetic.  I misplace things constantly, and suddenly remember a task I... Continue Reading →

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