A Good Old-Fashioned Holdup

Flint Calhoun was at the end of his rope. Literally, the ground was still at least five yards away. "Give me a little more!" Flint shouted, wincing at the inevitable crack in his voice. It would be easier to cope with apparently never-ending puberty if his parents hadn't insisted on such a stereotypically rough-and-tumble cowboy... Continue Reading →


Acrophobia and Aviators

"Why do you insist on taking these farm jobs?" Era complained, ducking into Aife's coat, pursued by a disgruntled rooster. "Why do you insist on terrorizing the chickens when I do?" Aife replied calmly, nudging the rooster away with her foot as she put the engine of the combine back together. "It' makes both of... Continue Reading →

I have a question for you.  How do you picture Aife and her friends?

A Pirate’s Life for Me

Darius was a cabin boy aboard the Flying Dragon, and he hated it.  Nothing about his job resembled the stories of pirate life he'd been raised on.  He'd never even witnessed a sky battle, though there had been several tussles over rations. Darius blew his hair out of his eyes, scowling down at the half-scrubbed... Continue Reading →

Eratosthenes Awakens

I haven't always been this way. Once upon a time, I was just a normal apprentice, hoping to become the next ship's mechanic. I was rubbish, but that didn't kill my dream.  I tinkered long into the night, struggling to grasp what made all these machines work. Then one day, Eratosthenes was born. I hadn't... Continue Reading →

The Bolt Hole

The tavern was unusually quiet and peaceful. Only a few shadowy regulars haunted the corner of the bar, but they had started blending into the decor ages ago. The joints in Beatrice's leg were decidedly creaky, but she hardly noticed. Something else was brewing, she could feel it. The red warning light flashing in the... Continue Reading →

My Mechanical Romance

I don't know how I get myself into these situations.  One day, I've got a perfectly legitimate job repairing customs automatons, the next I'm smuggling counterfeit robot puppies for the crew of the Flying Dragon. Okay, maybe those two things are related.  It's not my fault that automaton developed a crush on me! "Why couldn't I... Continue Reading →

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