I never thought my life was unusual.  I grew up surrounded by other kids with similar life experiences, and none of us knew there was anything different about the way we lived.  We never imagined that TV was supposed to depict “real life”.   We all moved frequently, and most of us were taught at... Continue Reading →



Sometimes you should dress like you're not from this reality. Wear goggles as a headband. Rock that gypsy skirt and scarves. Wear combat boots with a sundress. Braid your hair like an elf. Create a story with your wardrobe. Become a character in a story yet to be told.

In Remembrance

Sometimes it's easy to forget, sipping our cappuccinos and beaming our opinions on politics and businesses and celebrities out for the whole first world to see, our way of life had a cost. We get so busy, certain our anger is righteous, sure we could run things better, blaming uniforms, forgetting the humans inside. But... Continue Reading →

The Story

Dark wings flap overhead, scattering sheep and attracting the notice of all the people. She huddles on the ground, a young shepherdess, hardly daring to breath. The beast lands, wings blowing her hair, revealing her smooth cheeks. It sniffs the air, searching for her, for goodness, for the Light. As it approaches, she recoils, shaking.... Continue Reading →

The Map

The world is an ugly place. Everywhere there is pain and confusion, anger, violence, heartbreaking sorrow. War and disease kill thousands, while ignorance and selfishness kill thousands more. Children are trained to hate, boys are taught to objectify, girls are taught self-loathing. Families are so backwards parents teach their children to misbehave. Intelligence is shamed,... Continue Reading →

The Land of Tomorrow

I wrote this poem for my nephew, when I was supposed to be taking notes in a history class. (Whoops.) This is the tale of a Land called Tomorrow, and the people that live therein. An odd race are they ,and strangers to sorrow, they live on our wishes and dreams In the Land of... Continue Reading →

Empowering Shackles

You say the world is my oyster, but I don’t care for pearls. You say I can be anything, as if those words didn’t cripple me. “Go out and seize the day!” you say, as you bind my hands with expectations. You say what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, as I buckle under the... Continue Reading →

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