Freewriting: Clouds

I don't understand why cloudless skies are the happy skies. Have you ever lost yourself in a cloudless sky?  No. I understand the whole assurance that it won't rain, thing, but that's the only positive, and a subjective one at that.  There's no relief from the sun, no variance in the sunsets, no scope for the... Continue Reading →


Freewriting: Musical Melancholy Soul

For a generally content person, I'm really drawn to sad music. This rule doesn't apply to every art form I appreciate; sad books are traumatizing, and I often find myself disconnecting from sad scenes in movies or TV shows. Nothing can make me cry quite like a song. Poems carry a quieter grief, the need... Continue Reading →

Lakeside Ruminations

What is it about large bodies of water? Why do they draw us, promising freedom? Is it the over abundance of pirate stories?  Tales of young men and women gone off to sea? Is it the call of the water birds, untamed despite human progress? Or is it that, no matter what we do, how... Continue Reading →

These Boots Were Made For Talking

If your boots could talk, what stories would they tell? Days of rain, snow, and sun? Long walks through the countryside? Through the woods? Maybe afternoons spent wandering city streets? Or days on farms, wading through muck or tucked snuggly in stirrups? Days traversing the stacks of a library. Hikes. Plane trips. Long drives. Bus... Continue Reading →

I Never Thought

I never thought we lived in an unsafe neighborhood. But our neighborhood watch sign is covered in spray paint. I never thought we lived in an unsafe neighborhood. But we still call the house three doors down the crack house. I never felt unsafe on my street. But there has been gunfire just down the... Continue Reading →

Aesthetic Overthinking

Days blur into nights, time a barely significant construct when faced with my need for creation. for sleep. for distraction from the slow unraveling of the universe. No, that's not quite right. It's not the universe that gives rise to feelings of inevitability. The universe is unchangeable. It's the up close and personal, the nebulous,... Continue Reading →

The Sounds of Silence

It’s amazing how many different silences there are. There’s the silence of a house at night, when you’re the only one awake to hear the quiet hum of the refrigerator. There’s the silence of an empty library, a haven of peace to block out the bustle of the outside world. There’s the awed hush of... Continue Reading →


I never thought my life was unusual.  I grew up surrounded by other kids with similar life experiences, and none of us knew there was anything different about the way we lived.  We never imagined that TV was supposed to depict “real life”.   We all moved frequently, and most of us were taught at... Continue Reading →


Sometimes you should dress like you're not from this reality. Wear goggles as a headband. Rock that gypsy skirt and scarves. Wear combat boots with a sundress. Braid your hair like an elf. Create a story with your wardrobe. Become a character in a story yet to be told.

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