Night Driving

I love night driving.   Not the kind of driving where you're surrounded by other drivers, all of you trying to get somewhere in the harshly illuminated city. The kind of driving that takes you through a mist shrouded forest, not another car in sight. Driving through a small town at 3 am, not another... Continue Reading →


These Boots Were Made For Talking

If your boots could talk, what stories would they tell? Days of rain, snow, and sun? Long walks through the countryside? Through the woods? Maybe afternoons spent wandering city streets? Or days on farms, wading through muck or tucked snuggly in stirrups? Days traversing the stacks of a library. Hikes. Plane trips. Long drives. Bus... Continue Reading →


I never thought my life was unusual.  I grew up surrounded by other kids with similar life experiences, and none of us knew there was anything different about the way we lived.  We never imagined that TV was supposed to depict “real life”.   We all moved frequently, and most of us were taught at... Continue Reading →

Synaptic Lapses

Sometimes my life is a literal comedy of errors.  Sometimes this is my fault, sometimes it's someone else's, and sometimes it's just the universe laughing at me. Now I've put that out there, let me tell you about my recent travels. Apparently, absent-mindedness is genetic.  I misplace things constantly, and suddenly remember a task I... Continue Reading →

Writing Woozles

It's a bit weird taking an impromptu trip and hearing that people are excited to read the blog posts about it. On the one hand, it's really cool.  People read my blog, and seem to enjoy it enough to want more. On the other hand, is my anxiety. I try not to listen to my... Continue Reading →

Reality Distortion

Airports are weird.  You're neither one place, nor the other. Because of airports, we set foot on foreign soil before we technically arrive in foreign countries.  Airports might be the closest this world comes to neutral territory anymore. No one is at home when they are at an airport.  And yet, spend enough time in... Continue Reading →

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