Rambling and Rambling: Confidence



June Plans

I don't know what to do in June. May was a struggle, for various reasons, and June doesn't promise to be much easier, at least creatively. I'm tempted to drop my daily goal to one project again, since this summer is potentially going to be busy, but I can't decide.   Is slowing down , shrinking... Continue Reading →


Some days, my brain is mush. Not the kind of mush where you forget basic words, process questions at the speed of dial-up, or forget why you walked into a room. The kind of mush where you are perfectly functional.  You're not really tired, your critical thinking is on point, you may even be more... Continue Reading →

The Rule of Thirds

So there's this thing I learned in knitting. I forget who specifically told me about it first, but it's a common struggle. I think of it as the rule of thirds. Not that one, about the composition of a picture, but the one about progress and motivation. In knitting, the first third is really exciting,... Continue Reading →

Blogging Habits

You could split my blog into two basic categories: the somewhat curated, edited, and organized posts, the ones I put images in and consider for a bit, then schedule to post at a popular time to guarantee at least someone sees it when it comes out, and the other ones. The ones I put up... Continue Reading →

Freewriting: Musical Melancholy Soul

For a generally content person, I'm really drawn to sad music. This rule doesn't apply to every art form I appreciate; sad books are traumatizing, and I often find myself disconnecting from sad scenes in movies or TV shows. Nothing can make me cry quite like a song. Poems carry a quieter grief, the need... Continue Reading →

The Art of Emotions

You guys probably already know this, but I tend to write my feelings. A Literature class would probably have fun determining my state of mind for any of my freewriting posts, and most of my poetry. I have an entire category of posts that are basically me complaining about how crippling the writing process can... Continue Reading →

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