Words won’t come.  I can’t resolve the fraying ends into a seamless whole.  I don’t even have what could be called a whole anymore.   The tapestry is rent asunder.   Asunder.  That’s a good word.   Why is it so much easier to be eloquent when talking about writing, instead of doing so?  Why.... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on Friendship

It never ceases to amaze me how effortless some friendships are.  Years can go by, but as soon as you're together again it's like no time at all. I see a lot of best friend posts that talk about talking every day, no matter the distance, or having four hour phone conversations every week. That's... Continue Reading →

Reasons I Fail As a Blogger

I'm fairly certain I'm not doing this whole "blogging" thing right. I can't stick to a topic, I mess with the name without considering the ramifications, and can't figure out how I made some things happen, because they happened on accident while I was clicking EVERYTHING. Here are a few of the reasons I'm pretty... Continue Reading →

Drowning in Creative Intentions

Do you ever feel the need to create, but don't know what? Like, there are so many ideas buzzing around your head, you can't focus on any of them.  You're in the middle of three projects already, but you're stuck wishing you could make a video about the last six books you've read.  You can't... Continue Reading →

Writing Woozles

It's a bit weird taking an impromptu trip and hearing that people are excited to read the blog posts about it. On the one hand, it's really cool.  People read my blog, and seem to enjoy it enough to want more. On the other hand, is my anxiety. I try not to listen to my... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of NaNoWriMo

Historically, NaNoWriMo has not been my friend.  Partly because I'm a terrible person and never write outlines for anything, partly because there's always something to get in the way of writing in November, like school, or travelling.  Mostly though, I think it's because I usually write the way I travel; not entirely sure where I'm... Continue Reading →

Can someone please tell me when and where Americans, or just people in general, got the idea that fairies are good? Fairies in folk tales do not abide by human morals.  They have no concept of mortality.  I seriously doubt they have any emotion, or that pain is a thing people can feel.  The same... Continue Reading →

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