Blogging Habits

You could split my blog into two basic categories: the somewhat curated, edited, and organized posts, the ones I put images in and consider for a bit, then schedule to post at a popular time to guarantee at least someone sees it when it comes out, and the other ones. The ones I put up... Continue Reading →


Freewriting: Musical Melancholy Soul

For a generally content person, I'm really drawn to sad music. This rule doesn't apply to every art form I appreciate; sad books are traumatizing, and I often find myself disconnecting from sad scenes in movies or TV shows. Nothing can make me cry quite like a song. Poems carry a quieter grief, the need... Continue Reading →

The Art of Emotions

You guys probably already know this, but I tend to write my feelings. A Literature class would probably have fun determining my state of mind for any of my freewriting posts, and most of my poetry. I have an entire category of posts that are basically me complaining about how crippling the writing process can... Continue Reading →

Lakeside Ruminations

What is it about large bodies of water? Why do they draw us, promising freedom? Is it the over abundance of pirate stories?  Tales of young men and women gone off to sea? Is it the call of the water birds, untamed despite human progress? Or is it that, no matter what we do, how... Continue Reading →


Most of the time, I don't have a specific destination when I start writing. I ask myself the questions that buzz around my skull, half-formed and nebulous, and never really find the answers. Well, not never. Sometimes I find a peaceful stop, a resolution that puts the rabbits to rest. Other times, I chase the... Continue Reading →

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